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Bio Boost (1KG)

Bio Boost (1KG)

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Our Bio Boost is a powerful de-stainer and degreaser that is made 100% with mineral salts. This easy-to-use powder boosts the power of All-In-One Concentrate to remove the toughest laundry, surface, and cookware stains and grease. When combined with concentrate, Bio Boost replaces conventional dishwasher tablets. 



Made of only three mineral salts that are powerful and non-toxic:

Sodium Percarbonate: A powerful antimicrobial salt that destains

Sodium Carbonate: A mineral salt that lifts dirt and softens water

Sodium Bicarbonate: A versatile salt that deodorizes and cleans

Free of anything harmful

This product is free of:

- Fragrances and preservatives

- Phtalates, parabens, and colorants

- SLS/SLES, sulfates, and phosphates

- Bleach, ammonia, and chlorine

- Optical brigtheners and fillers

- Any harsh or toxic chemicals

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Here are five ways to use Bio Boost around your home:

1. Laundry: Add Bio Boost (1 scoop straight into the drum) to your laundry for a destaining and natural brightening effect.

2. Dishwasher: Combine Bio Boost (1/2 a scoop) with All-In-One Concentrate (1/2 a cap) in your dishwasher dispenser to replace your dishwasher tablet.

3. Pretreating stains: Soak clothes for a few hours or overnight in a solution of 1/2 scoop Bio Boost and 1/2 capful All-In-One concentrate per 1L of water.

4. Greased or burnt cookware: Sprinkle Bio Boost on cookware, spray generously with All-Purpose Cleaner and then add hot water. Let this solution sit for at least 30 minutes and watch the grease come off like butter.

5. Surfaces/fixtures grime, limescale, and stains: Sprinkle Bio Boost on surfaces or fixtures and spray generously with All-Purpose Cleaner. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes, then scrub with a brush or sponge.