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Laundry Liquid Bottle (Empty)

Laundry Liquid Bottle (Empty)

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Refillable, premium, ergonomically designed bottle with a high dosage durable 5ml pump.

Note: This bottle is empty. To fill it, you will need Rooted Regimen All-In-One Concentrate and water.

    Bottle Specifications

    • Made 100% recyclable and BPA-free PET
    • Comes with a durable high dosage ml pump
    • Non-tear, waterproof and greaseproof label

    Fill instructions

    1. Add water to the "Water" line.

    2. Add All-In-One Concentrate to the "Concentrate" line.

    3. Top up with water. It's that simple!

    Usage instructions

    Safe on all machine-washable fabric.

    Pump laundry liquid into your machine's dispenser: 3 pumps for normal loads (<6kg) and 4 pumps for large laods (6kg+).

    For a destaining, deodorizing and natural brightening boost, add 1 scoop of Bio Boost straight into the drum before loading clothes, then run the machine normally.

    Pretreating Stains

    Spray All-purpose directly onto the stain. For tougher stains, soak laundry for at least 4 hours or overnight in a solution of 3L warm water, 1 capful concentrate and 1 scoop Bio Boost.

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