For years, we’d suffered from allergies, migraines, eczema and what seemed like a growing list of health issues. After the birth of our first daughter in 2017, we were determined to use only the safest products for her and around our home. Through extensive research, we learned that many conventional products we had been using were filled with harsh ingredients. Shocked by the various effects we’d been exposed to our entire lives, we needed to make a change. 

The transition to natural, non-toxic products wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We realized many ‘green’ brands who were claiming to be eco-friendly, natural, or non-toxic were in fact covering up ingredients under generic terms like "non-ionic surfactants", "fragrance" or "colorants". So, down the rabbit hole we went, on a mission to understand cleaning ingredients’ origins, their purpose, and their effects on our health and the environment. After diligently researching products and spending a small fortune on shopping and shipping from abroad, we changed all of our home care products.  

Shortly after our transition, Bassem, who had suffered from allergies his whole life, witnessed a drastic improvement in his allergies. Our nine year old Golden Retriever Leo had been plagued with severe skin allergies and infections since he was a puppy, and after making the switch he stopped having breakouts. Over time, both Soraya and Bassem noticed a major reduction in headaches and migraines. After seeing and feeling the benefits of our transition first-hand, we set out on a mission to develop something superior; a cleaning solution that is completely safe, powerful, and affordable – which would make it easy for other families to make the transition to healthier living.  

We commissioned a natural product research and development laboratory to work with us to develop and test our proprietary formulas. After countless iterations and lab tests, we finally landed on what we believe is the safest and most powerful home care solution out there. With our refillable model, we’re cutting heavy costs of producing and transporting single-use plastics, offering you a superior solution – and helping you declutter all those mainstream cleaning products – at an affordable price. 

We are so proud to share our unique home care products with you. We can’t wait for you to join the Rooted Regimen family, and create a healthier home for you, your loved ones, and the planet.

Soraya and Bassem, Founders