Quick fixes to reduce airborne toxins at home

Indoor air can build up with high levels of moisture, gases, dust, odors, and air pollutants. As an example, cooking with a gas stove can release harmful combustion byproducts into the air in your home.    


Conventional cleaning products with harsh ingredients, like surface and floor cleaners, can contain harmful fragrances which linger in the air. The same is true of many scented candles and personal care products.

While removing these products is important for lowering your toxic load, sometimes other things are too much to ask. For many of us, cooking over a gas stove is a necessity!

That’s why it’s so important to get fresh air into your home and encourage proper airflow. This removes the toxic chemicals and introduces healthy air. 

Here are some simple ways to boost airflow and improve air quality:

1. Open the windows for 10-15 minutes (the fastest way to boost airflow!). Just make sure not to do this on a dusty or sandy day!

2. Keep exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms on a bit longer to remove harmful air particles and moisture.

3. Install air purifiers. Most high quality HEPA air purifiers are able to filter all the air in a given room in less than 30 minutes.



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