Your Stain Removal Playbook: Conquer Tough Stains Naturally with Rooted Regimen

Life's full of unexpected spills, leaving you with stubborn stains on your favorite clothes. This email equips you with a complete stain removal playbook using Rooted Regimen, outlining effective strategies to tackle even the most challenging stains – all using our non-toxic solutions.

  1. Fresh Stains? Act Fast! For spills that haven't set yet, grab your Rooted Regimen All-Purpose Cleaner! Simply spray directly onto the stain and gently agitate the area. This quick action can remove the stain completely or significantly loosen it for easier laundering. The best part? Our formula is completely non-toxic and safe to use on clothes while they're still on.
  1. Everyday Stains: This is your go-to method! Simply add 1 scoop of Bio Boost directly into your washing machine's drum before loading your clothes (not in the powder compartment). Follow with 3 pumps of laundry liquid in the liquid detergent compartment.
  1. Tougher Stains: For stubborn stains, pretreat the affected area with a customized solution: mix 1/2 scoop Bio Boost and 1/2 capful (or 1 teaspoon) of our All-In-One Concentrate in 1L of water. Soak whites or colors for a few hours or overnight (remember to separate whites and colors for soaking). Rinse the garment thoroughly before laundering.
  2. Highly Resistant Stains: Even the most persistent stains can be defeated! Pretreat the area by generously spraying with our All-Purpose Cleaner. Sprinkle Bio Boost directly on the stain and agitate or scrub the area. For whites, Bio Boost can be left on for longer periods. For colors, rinse the treated area well after 10-15 minutes to avoid any potential discoloration, and repeat as many times as needed. Finally, rinse the garment thoroughly before laundering.

    With Rooted Regimen and your new stain removal playbook, you can conquer any stain with confidence, knowing you're using a natural and effective cleaning solution.

    Rooted Regimen offers a comprehensive range of cleaning products formulated 100% from the safest plant and mineral based ingredients. Our solutions effectively tackle dirt, grime and stains while remaining gentle on your health and the environment.

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