Nurturing Your Little One's Room with Rooted Regimen

As your little one embarks on their precious journey, you strive to create a haven of comfort and safety. Their sanctuary deserves the gentlest touch, free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. Rooted Regimen is here to help you nurture this nurturing space with our non-toxic cleaning solutions.
Our All-Purpose Cleaner, crafted only with the safest plant and mineral based ingredients, gently removes dirt, germs and grime from surfaces and furniture, leaving behind a sparkling clean environment. 
For fabrics, our Laundry Liquid and Bio Boost team up to eliminate lingering odors and leave your little one's bedding and stuffed animals feeling soft and fresh. And when it comes to those daily spills and messes, our All-Purpose Cleaner quickly tackles stubborn stains, leaving your nursery looking pristine.
With Rooted Regimen, you can create a sanctuary that's not only spotless but also a haven of well-being for your precious one. Our non-toxic formulas are gentle on their delicate skin and respiratory system, allowing them to breathe easy and explore their world with peace of mind.
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